About RTM miner

RTM miner is a universal Stratum pool miner. This miner supports all common version CPU/x86 - AMD and INTEL.
RTM miner miner is built from source code Cpuminer-gr-avx2.
The main feature of RTM miner is low commission fee 0.05%.

Cpuminer-gr-avx2 - By default, the miner will donate 1.75% of the hashpower (2 minutes in 80 minutes).
In the cpuminer-gr-avx2 source, replaced lines 245 to 270 in file "cpu-miner.c" and etc., and reduced commission to 0.05%.

Removed donor coins for mining ButKoin(BUTK) and WhatCoin (WATC).

ButKoin(BUTK) - https://butcoin.tech/
WhatCoin(WATC) - https://whatcoin.cash/ website do not work - view web.archive

The release for Windows is now available for download. In the near future we are preparing a release for Linux.

Successful mining!